December 2018 Message from the Executive Director
December 2018 Message

This month we are adding this page. I wanted an opportunity to speak to people affected by Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke or other brain injury, disability, trauma or other mental health issue and to provide an arena for people to write back, ask questions, tell us what they need or to provide information, research or article that address concerns they have.

We are dedicated to making a difference in people's lives. TBI, trauma, disability, aging and other conditions affect the person who is going through it, but also the family as well. We are there to help. 
We've found that there are gaps in services available
For those individuals waiting for the Medicaid Waivers but not approved as yet
For people ineligible for Medicaid or the Waiver
For children that have had a TBI or other issue but have not been followed up
For those people discharged from hospitals or services that have become more isolated and need services to maintain or improve their functioning, independence and mood
For information and education that is, sadly, often not provided to individuals and families about their condition
For wraparound mental health and medical services. Services that can be used in whole or in part- someone coming to us for a service is not going to be required to get all services with us. We believe that free choice, our reputation and quality of service will lead people to us.

We believe in celebrating strengths, identifying areas that may benefit from services and providing that information to those we serve. We believe in person-centered care- not as a "buzzword" but real person-centered care where the client or participant is the center of treatment. We work together to address their needs, their goals, what they want and need from treatment.
When we first opened I was struck by how many people were isolated and alone after their injury and felt invisible and overlooked. For many their lives had changed profoundly in an instant and they were unsure of what to do. That need drove us to grow as a program and agency to provide services and address those gaps that existed.  It is a pleasure to see people overcome their challenges, believe and achieve.
I have the pleasure of having a caring, intelligent, dedicated and experienced staff who care. For them, and I, this is not just a job but a mission. 
Whatever holiday or holidays you celebrate it is my hope that you have a healthy and happy holiday season. If you are going through difficulties know you don't have to do it alone, whether you choose Beacon Place or another service provider, know that there is help available if you ask. 
Take care and may your holidays and New Year be a good one.

Warmest regards,
Executive Director Randy Bleiwas, LCSW, MA, CASAC, CBIS, CHt

Beacon Place
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